Friday, June 16, 2006

Chaos News: MIIS SP2 Update

In the MIIS TechNet forum today, Community Program Manager Alym Rayani had this to say regarding the upcoming Service Pack 2 for MIIS:
MIIS SP2 will include updates such as support for the latest version of Microsoft platform technologies like SQL 2005, Visual Studio 2005. In addition, we are aiming to release a number of new management agents in the same timeframe – SAP, Oracle 10g, and Top Secret and ACF2 as part of the Host Access Management Agent MA. We are also striving to better integrate MIIS with 64 bit and Virtual Server technology.

We expect MIIS SP2 will beta in late summer. SP2 will ship with 32-bit support before the end of the calendar year, and 64-bit support will follow.
Out of everything planned, I think I am most excited about SQL 2005 and pending 64 bit support. Let's hope that SQL 2005 offers some performance increases for MIIS - especially in the area of split server configurations where the metaverse and the MIIS application are on separate servers.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chaos News: Brad Turner Awarded MIIS MVP Award

Last week I received an unexpected email from Gary Wilson, the MVP Lead for Windows Server:
Hi Brad. I wanted to let you know that you have been nominated as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and to thank you for the great contributions you make to the technical community. The MVP program acknowledges the top contributors to the online and offline communities for Microsoft Technologies.

Wow, I was pretty dumbfounded, and surely appreciative to those who are responsible for the nominiation. I will endeavor to provide continuing value to the burgeoning MIIS community.

For more information on the MVP program, check this out:

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