Thursday, April 29, 2010

TEC 2010 – Annual Wook Lee Memorial Challenge for Identity Results

So on Tuesday afternoon just before the Birds of a Feather session each of the teams presented their responses to Gil's challenge. Here was what we ended up with:

Inline with the TEC 2010 team of Hollywood and LA, we envisioned our Sync Engine scenario as a turnstile (animated by Ehab Isaac) guarding access to an exclusive nightclub. We added the FIM Web Service pipeline as a gateway guarded by our bouncer (Craig Martin).

Design & Build

We kicked around several ideas but Carol Wapshere brought it home with the nightclub theme. Issam and Ehab handled the construction and Craig hammered out our skits with the team while David Lundell rehearsed his MC lines.

Lights, Camera, Chicken!

No time for dress rehearsals or fancy dressing rooms, the team waited while David set the stage for our little production. 

Our cast members waiting patiently, Carol, Laura Hunter, and Brian Komar. Our Certificate (Brian) was never enrolled and sat dejected in the corner.


And now, our fancy 64-bit sync engine springs into action, but wait, two management agents are running at the same time!

SQL Deadlock! A quick rock-paper-scissors (no time for rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock)…

…and our little HR attribute flow is on its way through the FIM Service after paying the doorman the customary $18/head, she is ushered right through to get some Action workflow. What's this, a name change for Jeremy Kirkpatrick? We have a notification for a name change!

Along comes our first Password Reset request – silly request object, you don't go through the sync engine!

After answering her questions three, she proceeds through the queue into our exclusive nightclub for a reset.

Up next, what do we have here? Why it's a request to join the "Birds of a Feather" group. Are you a member of the Chickens with Grain Addiction Set?

Sorry Chicken, request denied!


Here we have a another group request, here comes a bunch of members now joining the TEC 2010 Attendees group, through the queue now…

…and back through the sync engine with you and on to Active Directory!

And yes, we were sober. Thanks to everyone for pitching in and for Sean Deuby for being our talented paparazzo.



Nice! That was a lot of fun, we totally forgot the CLM part, but...

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