Thursday, December 31, 2009

FIM 2010 – Final bugs for 2009

On this, the last day of 2009 I find myself posting two additional bugs on Connect (please vote up if you feel you are impacted):

This issue relates to deploying additional Service instances after you've patched your existing installation beyond build 2560 (RC1). If you need to recover an instance of the FIM Service, or you simply want to scale-out your deployment by adding additional services on new systems you have to install the base RC1 MSI package. When doing so, if you install against the existing database it will fail since it's been upgraded. You now have two options:

1. Backup and Detach the patched database, taking all Service instances offline, install 2560 and then patch followed by restoring the original database, or

2. Install the new service against a dummy db, patch, and then point to the original db

Using the first option results in a clean install but is hardly an option in a production deployment since you need to take all of the services offline incurring an outage. The second option incurs no outage but leads to the second bug…this bug describes how it's currently not possible to slipstream updates into the base install.

I really like the way WSS 3.0's installer handles cumulative updates and service packs – you just copy them into the Updates folder of the extracted install and it will apply them during the installation automatically.

This bug is caused when you choose option 2 above – when you specify a new dummy db (FIMServiceDelMe for example) during the new service install, the installation modifies the FIM_* SQL jobs and points them to the new database. When you run repair and point the install back to the original db it does not update the jobs with the original database. If you find yourself in this condition, just edit the steps of each job and reselect the original database.

In either case, I think it's critical to be able to slipstream updates.

I was also able to confirm this bug:

In my case I was just exporting updates to the title attribute to the portal that contained case changes. The exports would complete, but the confirming delta and even full imports would result in the exported-change-not-reimported error. According to the notes, this is not planned to be fixed by RTM, so vote this up if you feel it's important.


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