Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Password Expiration Notifications in FIM 2010

What started out as a blarticle turned into a TechNet wiki post instead:

Password Expiration Notifications with FIM 2010

In this post I discuss patterns around constructing Sets within FIM to send notifications on impending password expiration. The article doesn't focus on wiring up the notification itself, something I think is rather straightforward, but instead focuses on the gritty details of modeling your Set transitions. I think modeling your Set transitions are really the heart of issue here. I discuss one base pattern which becomes part of each of the subsequent patterns and then detail the three general patterns:

  • The All-inclusive Pattern
  • The Short Staggered Pattern
  • The Skip Pattern

These present three separate, but complementary, approaches on how to model the transitions. If you are interested in sending email notifications to your users when their passwords are about to expire and want to do so in descending timeframes (14, 7, 1) then this is for you.

Please track any comments or suggestions on the wiki.


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