Thursday, June 19, 2008

Breaking the 100 record barrier with a File MA in ILM

Here is an oldie but a goodie if you're dealing with LDIF files. Mr. Peabody would be proud - way back in the pre-SP2 hotfix rollup 1026 (3.1.1026 and is carried forward in the most recent versions) a new feature was added to allow you to manually extend the schema detection ability of a File MA to over come the 100 record/200KB limit. When you hand MIIS/ILM a template file for your File MA that is over 200KB it will only look at the first 100 records and with LDIF files this just isn't enough for most directories.

If you're still running MIIS and you haven't updated to Service Pack 2, then you should at least do that:

If your licensing allows it, go ahead and update all the way to ILM 2007 Feature Pack 1, but SP2 for MIIS 2003 will get you what you need as far as this feature is concerned. Once you are up to date, this is what you need to do in order to enable it (see KB842531 for more info):

To resolve this issue, apply this hotfix, and then create an XML file to enable the customization of the sample batch size to be discovered. Name the XML file FileMAUIConfig.xml. The default value in the limit is 100. This value can be modified to account for a larger sample size.

To create the FileMAUIConfig.xml file, follow these steps:

  1. Use Notepad to create a file that is named FileMAUIConfig.xml.
  2. Paste the following contents in the file.

  1. Add the value that you want for the tag as in the following example.
  2. 500

  1. Save the file to the following directory:

%programfiles%\Microsoft Identity Integration Server\UIShell\XMLs

The hotfix only mentions the LDIF MA and that is the most likely place you will need it; however this should work with any File MA.

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