Monday, December 28, 2009

FIM 2010 – Large Delta Imports on the FIM MA

Well, chalk this one up to either an aspect of delta imports I just never noticed before or something specific to the way the FIM MA pages through large objects. Remember that the FIM MA is interacting with the FIM web service and then parsing the XML objects into connector space objects. So, what happens if you get a REALLY big group?

In the picture above we see the results of a Delta Import, but notice that the connector space GUID's are repeated. This is the FIM MA paging through a really large member attribute. I wasn't able to ascertain how many additions each entry represented, but I was able to watch the total count of members increase after each new object was added.

Needless to say, it's NOT a good idea when building groups to leave the default "all eligible objects" filter clause in with the intention to correct it later. :)

My next question is whether or not it's possible or advantageous to change whatever paging value the FIM MA is using.


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