Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIM 2010 – Using PowerShell to Set DCOM and WMI permissions for Self-Service Password Reset

I posted two PowerShell scripts thanks to some work Karl Mitschke did on his blog. These scripts focus on automating the tedious manual tasks necessary to set DCOM and WMI permissions when deploying FIM Self-Service Password Reset. Digging out all of the places and bits to set is not fun especially when you have multiple environments and servers to run it on.

The scripts will only add the ACE if it's not present and will update an existing ACE for the same security principal; it will also tell you if the existing permissions are correct!

The posts are in the FIM 2010 TechNet Forum, enjoy!



Powershell has really become a must learn, not only is it in every Microsoft product, but even VMware and Citrix have embraced it. It makes me glad I already own 5 books on it. haha

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