Friday, December 11, 2009

FIM 2010 RC1 – contains() gone but not forgotten

Back in ILM 2 RC0 we had the use of the contains() function both from the Filter Builder control and from direct filter xoml modification in both Sets and Groups.  In FIM 2010 RC1 and later this important function was removed – most likely due to issues surrounding it's stability and performance. If there is one thing I've become most understanding of is how features will get dropped if they jeopardize the ship date of a product and as the FIM team cannot afford any additional slippages, I can see why they may have dropped contains() from the list of supported functions. If you search through the Connect portal you'll find a number of bugs attributed it's use or misuse but I digress.

Having the ability to use such a powerful function is severely missed, and not just by my immediate customers. If you concur, then please vote for the reinstatement of the contains() function:


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